I modeled for Ayumi Seto’s brand Aymmy in the batty girls fashion show






Photos by Cynthia Anderson of

I was a model for Ayumi Seto’s brand Aymmy in the batty girls at Jpop Summit in San Francisco!

Watch the Aymmy in the batty girls fashion show here:

I’m a Rilakkuma Girl at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

I had an amazing time being a Rilakkuma girl at the San-X booth at the Licensing Expo! Thank you San-X and Ingram for everything! I love Rilakkuma!rooto rilllo uma

lolo ko

rila akumto laaoo

galaxxxy Fashion Show footage

Here is the galaxxxy Fashion Show where I was modeling and singing at in New Jersey at AnimeNEXT:

Japanese model Kimura U was a special guest model in the galaxxxy fashion show!

I have some special announcements! I will be at ANIME EXPO with galaxxxy at their booth #522! Please come say hi! These are the times I will be there:

Thursday-galaxxxy booth-2:30PM
Friday-galaxxxy booth-4:30PM
Saturday-galaxxxy booth-4:30PM
Sunday-galaxxxy booth-1:00PM

Also I will have a show with my band over at the Anime De Summer Festival in Little Tokyo on July 5th at 1PM! Please come and have lunch and watch a FREE show! They will also be premiering the US RELEASE of Doraemon at the festival! So really you shouldn’t miss out!

I modeled and sang at the galaxxxy Fashion Show

galaxxxy fashion show at AnimeNEXT in New Jersey was awesome! I sung two songs from the 80’s anime series Creamy Mami and Dirty Pair then my own two original songs Sakura Wonderland and Sugar Rush. My look was based off of the anime Creamy Mami. I was wearing the cute collaboration top from galaxxxy and Creamy Mami. I was very honored to be singing and modeling during the whole fashion show! Japanese model Kimura U was also in the fashion show where she modeled two outfits from galaxxxy. This was so amazing, fun, and an awesome memory I will never forget! AnimeNEXT was amazing and I met so many talented amazing people!!!! Thank you Yusa Ishizuka for EVERYTHING!!! Without you this would have not happened! Thank you to all of the galaxxxy staff! I am so honored to be involved with galaxxxy! Thank you to all that came out! I love galaxxxy!

Special Announcement: I will be at Anime Expo at the galaxxxy booth at these times:

Thursday-galaxxxy booth-2:30PM
Friday-galaxxxy booth-4:30PM
Saturday-galaxxxy booth-4:30PM
Sunday-galaxxxy booth-1:00PM

Times may change. Please follow me on all social media outlets to keep updated!

Thank you Moss Marchen and Sheri Branson for the really nice photos from the galaxxxy fashion show!

Photo by Moss Marchen


galaxxxy models & staff


With Japanese model Kimura U


Photo by Sheri Branson


galaxxxy fashion show with Kimura U! Photo by Sheri Branson


Photo by Moss Marchen


Shigeto Koyama-san from Studio Trigger who has worked on Kill La Kill, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, Ghost in the Shell,etc.


Hiromi Wakabayashi-san from Studio Trigger worked on Kill La Kill, Gurren Lagann, Inferno Cop,etc.


Backstage with Rookiez is Punk’d.


I love Yusa! Thank you for everything!


Magical girl always and forever! ;p


What does Sailor Moon mean to you?


I love Sailor Moon so much that I joined a Sailor Moon Cosplay group where we danced and sang to Sailor Moon songs for children at Japanese/Anime events. The main reason I joined this group was to share my love for Sailor Moon with the younger generation. Since then, I became a Jpop singer and am still sharing my love for Sailor Moon wherever I go performing Moonlight Densetsu at every concert I have. Without Sailor Moon I would have never been introduced to Jpop music and would have never followed my dream of being an American Jpop singer!

Kawaiiland-Modeling Miss Alphabet & Rilakkuma Promo Girl

Kawaiiland: was so KAKAKAKAWAII! ;P I had so much fun modeling for Elizabeth Yada for her brand Miss Alphabet and showing my love for my favorite bear Rilakkuma. I met and saw so many awesome friends and people! I love you all for reals!!!! Here are my favorite pictures taken that night:


vin vin2 vino

Photo’s by Vin Khommarath: You can purchase Miss Alphabet here:

ogeeku shannon

Photo’s by Shannon Cottrell: found on LA Weekly:

jon jon1

Photo’s by Jonathan Pivaral:

ogeeku3 ogeeku2

Photo’s by Jon Brence:

sanx sanx4

Photo’s by San-X:


Happy Sailor Moon Day!

sm  sm3  sm2

Happy Sailor Moon day! To celebrate Sailor Moon finally coming out officially 
in the States with all 200 episodes I recorded this video of me in Sailor Moon 
cosplay performing the Sailor Moon theme song on the ukulele in English and 
Japanese! I am not very good at the ukulele. Please forgive me! :)

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