A Father of Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku and Stephanie Yanez Digital Dream Concert is an official collaboration where CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, TinierMe, and Miss Yanez with Polo came together to create a special event and song titled ULTIMATE MIKU WORLD which is currently being featured only on TinierMe with a fully animated music video, virtual concert area, event item, and Vocaloid Gacha. After the event is over the song ULTIMATE MIKU WORLD will be on iTunes, amazon, etc.

Once again I am so honored and wanted to show my gratitude to CrRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, TinierMe, Polo, and everyone else who worked so hard on this collaboration!

Here is a picture with Hiroyuki Ito. A father of Hatsune Miku and creator of CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA!

Hiroyuki Ito – Ito-san created CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, Inc. in Sapporo to make sound effects and ring tones for mobile phones. CRYPTON expanded into a new world with their creation of the Hatsune Miku Vocaloid voice synthesis software. He is Representative Director of CRYPTON and a guest professor at Hokkaido University.


One response


    In a flash all the tickets for the concert were taken for the July 2nd event now we have to try and find scalpers. I am going to get in touch with Director Hirouki Itou to find out if he can add more tickets and also to a set up an interview for our Japanese Cultural Awareness Team featuring Anime this year.
    Ariana “Rika” Palma
    Director of Publicity
    (559) 790-7719

    May 29, 2011 at 8:12 pm

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