The Winner of the Fan Art Contest!

The WINNER of the Fan Art Contest is Beatrice Lourdes S. Basada!I really loved how it was all hand drawn and colored! Great job! I received amazing fan art! Thank you to everyone that participated! All of your art will be treasured!

To: Lisa Kelley, Tsukom Hikaru, Charris Arbotante, Landia Martines, Angelicia Cassiopeia, Beatriz Ilagan, Ki Hanabi, Dina Rivas, Gehenna, Sanna C, Kezia Mopon, Hunoichi, keiZap, EnchantedNights, Jennifer Lynn, Neko Rawr, Lexie Jean-Baptiste, Aya Yoi, DarkFirefly17 thank you for participating! Truly amazing fan art! It will be displayed all over the internet by me! Each and everyone of your guys fan art!

Really Thank you!



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