Stephanie Yanez & Polo Panel at Anime Expo!

I am having a panel at Anime Expo! Polo and I will discuss our music, projects, Anime, J-pop/J-rock and whatever you all wanna know. So please come and join us! We may have prizes to give out! ;p
Polo and I will also be performing a small acoustic set!
Also after the panel I would love to do a big group photo of everyone that came out to the panel! And of course cosplay is very much welcomed! TinierMe cosplay anyone? Anyway here is the info (subject to change):

Event: Conversation with Singer Stephanie Yanez & Music Producer Polo

What: From AX Idol 2004, a Japanese music label, the “Crazy Sexy Tokyo” documentary, and to singing with Virtual J-Pop Star Hatsune Miku, Yanez talks about her passion for music, her victory at AX Idol 2004, and how she continues her path in the independent music scene.

Where: LA Convention Center in Room LP3

When: July 4, 2011 @ 4pm


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