New CD, New website layout, New Youtube channel! NEW NEW NEW!

So if you didn’t notice in the title of this blog a lot of new and exciting stuff are up and coming and running.

First I wanted to announce I will be releasing my 2nd Full Length Album titled “Rising”. The CD will be released sometime in November. If you are going to Anime Vegas  then you will be one of the first ones to hear me perform NEW songs off my album and be able to purchase the album before anyone else.

The album is produced by Polo and photography is by Shannon Cottrell. Shannon also did my photos for my NEW website layout. And Jennifer Asuka Mori Tun created my website layout and blog banner! She just told me she is going to make a banner for the NEW CD as well! Yay! Thank you to everyone that helped made this album.

For this album I really felt “Rising” is very appropriate and positive word that can represent my album and every single person in how we can all rise and look towards a brighter day. For my album I have special guest artists for the song titled “Rising”. We have two Japanese rappers that go by Mura and Kenshiro that finished off the song the way it should be. And for the song “Ultimate Miku World” we have Hatsune Miku which was an official collaboration with TinierMe and Crypton Future Media. Picture of the CD album jacket to be released soon…

Also for those that haven’t heard I have a NEW youtube channel. My NEW YouTube channel is StephanieYanezTv. Something very disappointing happened to my old account and it was suspended because YouTube considers short cover songs to be copyright infringement. Go figure with all the other covers done by YouTube users not to mention the countless channels that have images and clips from anime, tv shows, etc. I feel YouTube overflows with those kind of channels. And once again it was really just bizarre how I had that account for 5 years and nothing was wrong for 5 years than just all of a sudden..

But now I feel that it’s time for something NEW. A lot of NEW experiences and projects are happening already in my life. And this NEW YouTube channel is another NEW experience to look forward too. I already want to thank everyone for the subscriptions, friend requests, views, and comments. It really really means a lot to me!

Let’s all look forward to the NEW sunsets, memories, experiences, and smiles in the up and coming days but never forget your cold winds, hardships, tragedies, and frowns because that is what makes us who we are today. Stand strong my loved ones!


Stephanie Yanez




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