Anime Vegas




Anime Vegas was amazing! These pictures will show you the most rockin time that was had! I want to thank Anime Vegas for having me! Thank you Rich for all you have done! Thank you Omar for everything you have done as well! Both of you and Anime Vegas staff took very good care of us! So really thank you from the Yanez band & crew! It really means a lot to us!



I want to thank my band & crew for all you guys did! Without you many many things would have never happened! Thank you Polo, Kaoru, Eric, Yasuto, Mura, Kenshiro, Maya, Johnie Tidwell, Agentsakura9, Lisa, Peter, Dave, and everyone else who made this weekend awesome! Thank you to all my supporters that came out to my panel, autograph session, Band concert, and acoustic show! Really thank you thank you thank you everyone for the support and nice comments and all! I left Las Vegas very very happy because all of you!

I know there were some of you who wanted to come and couldn’t so I saved a limited number of pre-release Rising CD’S. For $10 shipped, you will receive a personal autograph copy! You can paypal me at! Rising is Polo and I first full length album together! On the CD has Sakura Wonderland, Ultimate Miku World with Hatsune Miku, and title track Rising with Japanese rappers Mura Mura & Kenshiro.

Pictures: Band & crew at Burger Bar, Crispin Freeman & Stephanie Yanez TinierMe sponsors! Yummy burger at Burger Bar

Pictures: Band show at Anime Vegas with MC Mura Mura & Kenshiro, Cosplaying as Sailor Moon at my panel, Bluewoman group ;p Kaoru & I

Pictures: Stephanie gambles? Not really… just posing for a Vegas pic, more Vegas shots, Yummy pizza

Pictures: Lisa doing my hair for my acoustic show (stolen from Peter), Supporters in line at Autograph session, At the Cosmopolitan

Pictures: Acoustic show, Hello Kitty alcohol?, Sailor Moon doing her sound check

Pictures: After my show selling my CD Rising, Polo & I goofing around before our show, Yasuto trying to eat the shoe that I am in.


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