Anime LA

Okay it’s been a while since I wrote a blog.  So… How is everyone? Hopefully good! For me to start the new year I had a show over at Anime LA! It was very nice to be back especially because the first time I ever had a show at Anime LA was probably in 2006. So be asked back again in 2012 was such an honor! It reminded me how I made my debut in 05 and made me feel blessed to be able to still sing in the anime scene and share my music with everyone! I have been once again truly blessed with so many amazing opportunities this year! This year is coming off to a good start. So happy to announce that my SECOND FULL LENGTH ALBUM RISING will be on on iTunes, Amazon, etc. very soon! All the music is done by Polo! Also I excited to announce that a music video for my single RISING will be released along with the CD release. The music video will be available on YouTube. Everyone involved on the music video:

Sing and Perform Stephanie Yanez
Music by Po Lo
Directed by Mica Hirohama Toolis
Edit by Nobuo Mita
Rap: Tatsuya Mula Muraki and Kenshiro Tsuyama
Guitar Girl:Noyuri Nakamura
Bass Girl:Jennifer Asuka M Tun
Drum Girl:Maya Iwasaki
Keyboard Girl:Kaoru Enjoji
Friend:David A Diep
Hair&Make Up:Jun
Special Thanks to Michiko Ito, Uz Yasto and Eric Gonzales

Here are some pictures from Anime LA:

Rockin it!

Bathroom sign! Sailor Moon FTW!

I had to cosplay during the show! ;p I was Celty from DRRR!

Anime LA did very well this year! I was especially really impressed with how they handled their guest! Thank you Anime LA for treating us so well! Hope to come again!



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