RISING album and Music Video available NOW!

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Sung and Performed by Stephanie Yanez
Music by Po Lo
Directed by Mica Hirohama Toolis
Edit by Nobuo Mita
Rap: Tatsuya Mula Muraki and Kenshiro Tsuyama
Guitar Girl:Noyuri Nakamura
Bass Girl:Jennifer Asuka M Tun
Drum Girl:Maya Iwasaki
Keyboard Girl:Kaoru Enjoji
Friend:David A Diep
Hair&Make Up:Jun
Special Thanks to Michiko Ito, Uz Yasto and Eric Gonzales

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Stephanie Yanez’ second full length album RISING features 11 tracks
sung and lyrics written by Miss Yanez with music and lyrics by
Japanese producer and guitarist Polo. The album includes tracks like
the hit Sakura Wonderland, which took over at the popular Japanese
Anime avatar site TinierMe. Ultimate Miku World, an official duet
with famous virtual idol Hatsune Miku, is among the top results in
iTunes under her name. The album also includes all brand new tracks
like the song A Moon Healing Kind of Love, which was inspired by the
Anime Sailor Moon.

The song which the album is named after, RISING(featuring Japanese
rappers Mura & Kenshiro), is a track that was written after the
devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Stephanie felt
that RISING is a very appropriate and positive portrayal of her
album. Miss Yanez wanted to convey that every single person can rise
and look towards a brighter day. RISING is the title track on her
album and a music video directed by Mica Toolis was created to
compliment the song.

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Rising Music Video watch here:


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