I modeled for Sanrio! Super cute Hello Kitty fashion show!

On March 10th, 2012 the Japan Consulate had an event called Japan. Endless Discovery at the Grove in Los Angeles to hold the memory of Japan and to honor the ones lost in the Earthquake/Tsunami that happened a year ago now.

The Japan Consulate contacted Bubble Punch: http://bubblepunch.com/ to put together a Japanese fashion show featuring a  Sanrio Fashion show. I was asked on behalf of the Japan Consulate, Bubble Punch, and Mandie Bettencourt to model for Sanrio.


All the models in the fashion show were so sweet and nice. I had a great time with everyone!

One of my missions that day was to stop by the San-X booth and show my love!


Yay! Sanrio model friends! ;p Left to right: Andrew, Cindy, Risa, Abigail, and Hayden. They were so sweet! I had tons of fun hanging out with them!

Abigail is a rock singer and has a blog. She wrote about the Japan. Endless Discovery event here:


Patricia Heaton AKA the mom on Everybody Loves Raymond tweeted a pic of the Sanrio models at “Japan. Endless Discovery:” Fashion & Cultural event! This picture makes me laugh so much cuz when Patricia Heaton took it we were like just realizing who she was… So Abigail was like “Girls it’s ok for her to take a picture, she’s a celebri—” *flash* And then Cindy is like “huh”? And I was like “Omg! Trying to look good and pose”. LOL! Funniest picture! And Patricia Heaton has a mighty big following on twitter. So everyone saw the picture! Yay!

All the Sanrio models got hair & makeup done at the Japan Consulate’s mansion. It was such an honor to even step foot in this place. The whole mansion was just beautiful! Here is me taking a silly picture in the elegant bathroom.

All the Sanrio models were able to choose one item to take with them. Well I had my eye on a ultra cute sweater that the beautiful Vanessa wore in the fashion show. She told me she was choosing the purse she modeled. Yay! Vanessa is so kind! Thank you Vanessa for picking the purse and handing over that sweater to me! I am so happy and will take many pictures in it soon.

Photo by: LA Weekly

Check out their article about the event here:


And of course the last picture is of Hello Kitty herself! She was such a pro! Well, it is Hello Kitty! Of course she is!

A big thank you goes out to Michelle Nguyen: http://iamchubbybunny.com/, Yume Ninja-Sovereign: http://ninjasovereign.com/, and Mandie Bettencourt for letting me be involved in this amazing event and opportunity with Sanrio. Kaytea:http://www.anarchyinthejp.com/ did my hair. And Gregory A. Hignight  & Tune in Tokyo crew: http://www.tuneintokyoclub.com/ did a wonderful job on the decks.

It was amazing, beautiful, and inspiring to all come together for Japan! All the models and crew were so nice, sweet, & fun! I really had a blast getting to know everyone. I am so happy we are all keeping in touch through Facebook. Really it was an amazing time modeling for Sanrio. I am so honored I was able to do this for Japan!

Thank you Krys for the clip.



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