DownTown’s Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende attraction at Shiodome Expo! ガキの使いやあらへんで!

On my most recent trip to Japan I was super excited to find out that the Shiodome Expo was going on at the same exact time I was visiting. You can see in my previous post talking about Shiodome Expo which featured a 61ft tall Ayanami Rei slide which I took the liberty of sliding down on. But the Expo also featured unique attractions that you could ONLY experience in Tokyo.

As my love for Japanese culture has grown it has also grown for my love for Japanese Comedy! There are many different types of Japanese comedy from the physical to the spoken. And the comedians who really got me into Japanese comedy are the super famous on almost every variety show DownTown’s Hamada and Matsumoto. And they of course have a whole crew of funny dudes that are usually seen along side which are Tanaka, Endo, and Yamasaki.

I am a HUGE fan of Gaki no Tsukai which of course include all of the Japanese comedians I just named off. The variety show is a batsu game. Batsu game basically means punishment game. And the rules to this variety show is DON’T LAUGH no matter what! And if you do… Well it depends on the punishment for that Gaki no Tsukai… But I have seen darts shot to the backside, Police clubs swung across the backside, etc. Usually they are aiming for their backside. And not gentle like in anyway. Reading this out loud is making me laugh due to everyone thinking why does Steph like to see those guys get their tails whooped… Well you would really have to watch Gaki no Tsukai to truly appreciate the humor.

Now back to Shiodome Expo… At the expo was a Gaki no Tsukai attraction which was basically a recreation of the variety show. As I waited in line I got a bit nervous. First of all I understand Japanese more than speak and I felt in the attraction there might be some lost in translation moments for myself… So I approached the girl who gave me my tickets telling her in Japanese that I understand Japanese more than speak it but that I am a huge fan of Gaki no Tsukai. Well to my pleasant surprise she started speaking in English. What luck! She said the walk through is not in English but she thinks I will enjoy it being a Gaki no Tsukai fan!

As we are about to go in she whispers to our guide that they don’t know a lot of Japanese. Then he totally spoke to us the whole time in English to his best ability. And even made jokes into English. Really funny moment was when we were going through the pretend metal detectors because this was the most recent Gaki no Tsukai walk through which was the airport replica. Anyway he had that metal thing that can go off if you have something on you. And basically he scanned my whole body but stopped at my chest… And then said with a chuckle “beautiful!”

Once that guide gave us to another guide each guide kept passing along that we will need English. So each person attempted English to their best ability. It was really nice of them to go out of there way. So when the Shiodome Expo happens again next year guys you should totally go and they will totally make the attractions the best they can for you! 🙂 It is hard for me to explain in words everything that happened in the attraction… So here are my pictures:

My ticket to get into the Gaki no Tsukai attraction.
With the Tanaka, Endo, Matsumoto, Hamada, and Yamasaki cut outs…
He was our guide through most of the attraction! He was super nice!
On the bus with Matsumoto. ;p
They had a Japanese comedian in the attraction that was doing monomane. He did a good Heipo impression. If you are a fan of Gaki no Tsukai then you have to know who Heipo is!
They told me Sugi-chan was in the attraction! Lol! This was the same comedian pictured above who is really good at monomane.
Getting my tail whooped just like in Gaki no Tsukai!
Standing by a mini version of the Suga statue that was featured in the most recent Gaki no Tsukai. Suga Kenji is the chief producer and often featured in fake posters, statues, and the like to make DownTown, Cocorico, and Yamasaki laugh.
The holy grail! Lol! These dolls are of Hamada, Matsumoto, and Suga. They were also in the most recent Gaki no Tsukai which was filmed at the Ibaraki airport. The same airport which had one of the roofs come down during the Earthquake on March 11, 2011.
Hiroshi Fujiwara which is Downtown’s former manager who is often seen cosplaying as female characters during Gaki no Tsukai. He often stutters and is incoherent which makes everyone laugh.
Standing by the Gaki no Tsukai bus set up in the attraction.
Of course I had to purchase merchandise… Got me some Hamada and Yamasaki socks! Also a  Shin-Onii pen, Yamasaki sticker, and Gaki no Tsukai police edition buttons.
Yamasaki Hosei is my favorite out of the bunch! Here is my monomane of him! Monomane means impression.

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  1. Christine

    Hi! I chanced upon your blog while searching for information about gaki no tsukai merchandise! I am a huge fan of gaki no tsukai as well! Would you happen to know when this exhibition lasts until and any precise directions to the place? Thanks!


    November 10, 2012 at 7:18 pm

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