女の子は誰でも」外国人カバー Onnanoko ha dare demo Cover

I am so happy to introduce to you guys a very talented man Ryan from Sendai who belongs in a band called The Gaijins! We have never met in real life before! Only over the internet and we are already working together to bring you more covers, etc. Hope you guys like it? More info here:



Ryan from “The Gaijins” in Sendai, and Stephanie Yanez from her band in California worked together to cover “onnanoko ha dare demo” by Tokyo Jihen (Tokyo Incidents). How’d we do? The video is a little rough, but it was pretty much straight how we did it with some extra guitar stuff added later by Ryan.

Please leave us a comment or a thumbs up to let us know how we did and please be sure to check out Stephanie’s and Ryan’s other videos! Thanks!


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