My song inspired by Sailor Moon

This is my post about my love for Sailor Moon and about my song inspired by Sailor Moon that has been released on iTunes, Amazon, etc. The song inspired by Sailor Moon is called ” A Moon Healing Kind of Love” and this song is very special to me because I feel it all began with Sailor Moon… Anime? I didn’t even know what Anime was all I knew was that I loved Sailor Moon because the animation was beautiful and the story was about a crybaby very much like myself who can get past her “faults” and become strong and fight with love for all mankind. That story really grabbed me by the arms and shook me around a bit. Sailor Moon introduced me to other “cartoons” with really big eyes. I started watching Wedding Peach with no English subtitles and then fell into the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Which is for a whole other post… And through Sailor Moon I found out about Anime and a whole subculture that comes together to enjoy the thing they love most. Anime!

Now without Anime even existing I would not be here where I am today. Let’s take you all back a bit to my singing competition at Anime Expo. By then I was watching many different Anime titles and fell in love with Chobits. I loved the song Ningyo Hime and entered AX IDOL 04. I walked away winning AX IDOL 04. I thought that was where it was gonna end. Oh no… I was so silly to ever think so. Now here I am and it’s 2013. I am still involved singing at Anime Conventions all over the States. I’ve performed out in Japan a couple of times now. I was a host of a documentary show called Crazy Sexy Tokyo that was on Anime Selects on Comcast On Demand. I’ve released two albums inspired by Anime, Japan, and everyday life. I’ve modeled for Sanrio and San-X. I was a character in an online game called TinierMe.I was a spokesmodel for the Anime Durarara. I worked officially with Hatsune Miku and Crypton Future Media. And now I am modeling for the Japanese clothing label galaxxxy where they have done collaborations with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Creamy Mami, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I’ve done a lot more than what was even mentioned above but it would take too long to tell you ALL that I did from 2004 to 2013. But here I am and now I am hearing all this exciting rumors/news about Sailor Moon!  I thought Sailor Moon and myself would be forgotten by now… but just like Sailor Moon I am going to stay strong! Now without further ado here is the link to the song inspired by Sailor Moon “A Moon Healing Kind of Love”:

Also listen to a “A Moon Healing Kind of Love” here:

Here is a photo collection of Sailor Moon cosplay I have done:


Little known fact: For a while I was in a Cosplay group devoted to Sailor Moon that would dance and sing at Japanese festivals for the children!

On one of my trips to Tokyo I visited the district Azabu-juban where the Sailor Moon scenery in the series was often based on:



Nails inspired by the cat Luna of Sailor Moon

Here is a video of me performing the Sailor Moon Japanese theme song “Moonlight Densetsu” ROCK version as well as the theme song to Madoka Magica:

If you ever hear any exciting news about Sailor Moon I would love to know! As a fellow moonie I will continue to spread the love of Sailor Moon!


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