Oshogatsu: A day in the life of an Anime/Jpop Artist

Happy 2020! January 1st in Little Tokyo they have Japanese New Year called Oshogatsu. I had the honor to perform not once but twice!

A very popular Anime store in Little Tokyo called Anime Jungle invited me out to perform and I really want to say thank you to Anime Jungle staff!😌🙏❤️ It was an honor to perform and to be welcomed with open arms into the Japanese community for Oshogatsu. I am very happy to have performed many times out in Little Tokyo for many Japanese festivals and events throughout the years. I really feel Little Tokyo is my home!

I am wanting to give you all a more behind the scenes look at what it takes to put on a show. I also included an Oshogatsu Music Video in the vlog. I made the track and it’s a cover of a traditional Oshogatsu folk song.

Thank you to EVERYONE that came out to support me! I saw many of you at both of my shows. I can’t express how much it means to me.


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