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My third Anime cover CD is out in Japan now! 

I’m excited to announce that I have released my third physical CD in Japan with HAF RECORDS:
And this time all of the Anime songs from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Genesis of Aquarion, Gurren Lagann, Studio Ghibli Princess Mononoke and Tales from Earthsea are sung in English! This is one of the first times that these songs have been released officially in English! Photo by Drew of Doki Press and makeup by Lili Belle. Thank you everyone for your continued support! 💕💗💖


Stephanie Yanez x Ryan Spring & Friends concert in Sendai! 

I had the honor of performing in Sendai at the live house Macana with Ryan Spring & friends! Thank you to the band Sophie Webster, Dave America Tang, Christopher Aiezza, & Sou-san. The venue Macana was amazing! I was so happy to meet some of my fans that support me from Japan! THANK YOU TO ALL THAT CAME OUT TO THE SHOW! IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! Video from the concert will be up on my YouTube soon!