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Sailor Moon Event

⭐️Magical Pop Star!⭐️I love these photos by Con Woman Photography from the Sailor Moon event by Geek Pride Events! I performed Moonlight Densetsu, my original song Sakura Wonderland, and another original song that is inspired by Sailor Moon called A Moon Healing Kind of Love. Check out the performance with Cristina Vee here:


Viewster Omakase Launch Party

I was so honored to be invited out to the Viewster Omakase Launch Party! So many amazing awesome talented friends were at the event! 💖💗💕

Bridge USA Summer Festival 

I was so honored to perform at the Bridge USA Summer Festival! Many friends came out to the show which really meant a lot to me! Yoshimi of East West Hair salon did my hair for both shows that I had! Emilyn Ching did my nails. For one of my concerts I wore my new Isetan Sailor Moon jacket that I got in Japan! 

Sailor Moon x Isetan Popup Shop (pictures)

Sailor Moon x Isetan popup shop aka 美少女戦士セーラームーン×ISETAN 期間限定ショップ「GIRLS SPARKLE LOVE ~ LET’S PRISM POWER MAKE UP ! ~」was only open for a limited time. A very limited time which was about 7 days only! And I just so happen to be in Japan while this special popup shop was going on.So lucky!

As you all know or should know I am a huge Sailor Moon fan and going to this popup shop was really a dream come true! I took a lot of pictures which you can see here! You can view the video soon on my Facebook:

And my Instagram:

I purchased a sailor jacket and a tote bag that I seriously love! The Sailor Moon x Isetan shop was made for the fans who grew up with Sailor Moon (Older fans with money lol). The shop was so detailed for example a cute bunny made out of grass was decorating the shop as well as the cute Luna and Artemis Paw prints that were sprinkled throughout the shop. Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures. MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP!  


Tune in Tokyo & Ultranimbus present Bad-Ass Back to School Art Show & Cosplay Party

I performed at the Tune in Tokyo & Ultranimbus Bad-Ass Back to School Art Show & Cosplay Party!o



With DJ Greg Hignight & DJ MEISHI SMILE


Cristina Vee X Stephanie Yanez concert at Anime California

I was so happy to perform with Cristina Vee who is an American Voice Actress for characters Mio Akiyama-K-ON!, Homura Akemi-Madoka Magica, and her new role Sailor Mars-Sailor Moon! We had a panel and rocked out anime style with my band Eric Gonzales, Jennifer Asuka Tun, Uz Yasto at Anime California! Fun Fact: We performed before back in 2005 as DUP USA where we sung the characters from the anime Digi Charat. She was the singing voice for Puchiko while I was the singing voice for Rabi En Rose!

You can find out more about Cristina here:




Happy Sailor Moon Day!

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Happy Sailor Moon day! To celebrate Sailor Moon finally coming out officially 
in the States with all 200 episodes I recorded this video of me in Sailor Moon 
cosplay performing the Sailor Moon theme song on the ukulele in English and 
Japanese! I am not very good at the ukulele. Please forgive me! 🙂