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Christmas Parade with Rilakkuma!

I had the best time ever walking with Rilakkuma at the Hollywood Christmas Parade which aired on the CW!


Singing makes me happy! 😁 Photos from recent shows I had.

I performed at many different events recently like the OC Japan Fair at the OC Fairgrounds, Samurai Night where I opened up for Japanese group Roli Angels at the Viper Room, Arcane Maid Cafe at the Esports Arena, the first ever Yatai Festival, and Aki Festival held at the beautiful Newport Beach Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple. Thank you to everyone that came out to my shows! It means so much to me! 💕💗💖


Shojono Tomo Photo Shoot 4th Look

Here is the fourth look from the Shojono Tomo photo shoot with Doki Press! I am so honored to wear Shojono Tomo’s art! 💖💖💖

Check Shojono Tomo out here:

Doki Press official site:

Shojono Tomo Photo Shoot 3rd Look

Punk! Third look from the Shojono Tomo photo shoot with Doki Press! Shojono Tomo is an artist and fashion designer from Japan. She styled Nicki Minaj! 

Find out more about her here:

Doki Press official site:


My new music video by Doki Press is coming out tonight! 

I’m so excited to announce that tonight you will be able to see my brand new Cruel Angel’s Thesis (English Version) Neon Genesis Evangelion Music Video by Doki Press and acoustic track by Polo Yazaki! 

In the mean time to get ready for the music video you can purchase my new Anime Album all in English courtesy of HAF RECORDS here: 

I just released my second CD in Japan! 

I have a new CD in Japan! This is my second physical CD in Japan courtesy of HAF RECORDS! 

You can purchase here:
I covered songs from Laputa, One Piece, Urusei Yatsura, Stand By Me Doraemon, and Dragon Quest! Photo by Vin Khommarath.

Update on past, present, future!


Hello everyone! I am writing this blog to let you know what’s been going on. The picture you see above is from the photoshoot I modeled at recently for clothing brand Creators Guild. I had a lot of fun on this shoot! Photo by Joaquin Santos.

Besides modeling I have been recording like crazy! I am recording really awesome epic things! I wish I can tell you… But you guys will find out soon… I’m super excited for you all to hear what I’ve been doing!

And I am happy to announce that I will be performing at these events:

Sat, July 2, 2016 @ 12:30pm – Lounge 21 @ Anime Expo, Los Angeles, CA
Sun, July 10, 2016 @ 12:30pm – Bridge USA Festival, Torrance, CA
Fri, July 22, 2016 @ 8pm – Cute, Cute Kawaii After Party, San Diego, CA
Sat, Aug 13, 2016 @ 8pm – Tanabata Festival, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA
Sat, Sept 10, 2016 @ 2pm – OC Japan Fair, Anaheim, CA

I can’t wait to see all of you soon!

OMAKASE Kill la Kill & Naruto Black Friday Promotion

This is amazing!!! OMAKASE has launched a Black Friday – Cyber Monday promotion! OMAKASE is bundling the new Naruto Shippuden box (shipping early 2016) together with the Kill la Kill box, and a six-month subscription to Weekly Shonen Jump digital (from VIZ) for $40 + $10 shipping (U.S. only). Here is the link to get this amazing deal for Kill la Kill and Naruto OMAKASE: image

Cristina Vee X Stephanie Yanez concert at Anime California

I was so happy to perform with Cristina Vee who is an American Voice Actress for characters Mio Akiyama-K-ON!, Homura Akemi-Madoka Magica, and her new role Sailor Mars-Sailor Moon! We had a panel and rocked out anime style with my band Eric Gonzales, Jennifer Asuka Tun, Uz Yasto at Anime California! Fun Fact: We performed before back in 2005 as DUP USA where we sung the characters from the anime Digi Charat. She was the singing voice for Puchiko while I was the singing voice for Rabi En Rose!

You can find out more about Cristina here:




I modeled and sang at the galaxxxy Fashion Show

galaxxxy fashion show at AnimeNEXT in New Jersey was awesome! I sung two songs from the 80’s anime series Creamy Mami and Dirty Pair then my own two original songs Sakura Wonderland and Sugar Rush. My look was based off of the anime Creamy Mami. I was wearing the cute collaboration top from galaxxxy and Creamy Mami. I was very honored to be singing and modeling during the whole fashion show! Japanese model Kimura U was also in the fashion show where she modeled two outfits from galaxxxy. This was so amazing, fun, and an awesome memory I will never forget! AnimeNEXT was amazing and I met so many talented amazing people!!!! Thank you Yusa Ishizuka for EVERYTHING!!! Without you this would have not happened! Thank you to all of the galaxxxy staff! I am so honored to be involved with galaxxxy! Thank you to all that came out! I love galaxxxy!

Special Announcement: I will be at Anime Expo at the galaxxxy booth at these times:

Thursday-galaxxxy booth-2:30PM
Friday-galaxxxy booth-4:30PM
Saturday-galaxxxy booth-4:30PM
Sunday-galaxxxy booth-1:00PM

Times may change. Please follow me on all social media outlets to keep updated!

Thank you Moss Marchen and Sheri Branson for the really nice photos from the galaxxxy fashion show!

Photo by Moss Marchen


galaxxxy models & staff


With Japanese model Kimura U


Photo by Sheri Branson


galaxxxy fashion show with Kimura U! Photo by Sheri Branson


Photo by Moss Marchen


Shigeto Koyama-san from Studio Trigger who has worked on Kill La Kill, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, Ghost in the Shell,etc.


Hiromi Wakabayashi-san from Studio Trigger worked on Kill La Kill, Gurren Lagann, Inferno Cop,etc.


Backstage with Rookiez is Punk’d.


I love Yusa! Thank you for everything!


Magical girl always and forever! ;p


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Sailor Claus!



Sugar Rush Music Video presented by galaxxxyrocks!

Watch here:

And on the galaxxxy US Youtube here:

Sugar Rush Music Video presented by galaxxxyrocks!

Stephanie Yanez

Music by Polo Yazaki

Film by Mica Toolis

Video Editing by Yoji Abe/Y2Design

Props, Sets, and Design by Yusa Ishizuka

Makeup/Hair by Jennifer Asuka Mori Tun/Yusa Ishizuka/East West Hair Salon

Nails by Emilyn Ching of East West Hair Salon

Ants played by Yuka Koike and Yusa Ishizuka

Extra help: Polo Yazaki and David Diep



Thank you everyone!!! Without you this could have never happened!!!


Creamy Mami (魔法の天使クリィミーマミ) – Delicate ni Sukishite (好きして) cover

NEW video!!! Creamy Mami cover with Ryan from Sendai! We covered the song Delicate ni Sukishite (好きして). In the video I am wearing the Creamy Mami X galaxxxy collaboration tee! Did you hear about the NEW collaboration with galaxxxy? Dirty Pair!!! The international site will be back up soon:



Shiina Ringo 椎名林擒のありあまる富 Ariamaru Tomi cover



Ryan from “The Gaijins” in Sendai, and Stephanie Yanez from California worked together to cover Ariamaru Tomi by Shiina Ringo. Stephanie’s cat Fuzzy makes a very special appearance and Ryan plays something with his head?!?!

Please leave us a comment or a thumbs up to let us know how we did and please be sure to check out Stephanie’s and Ryan’s other videos! Thanks!

galaxxxy X Creamy Mami X Stephanie Yanez



For my concert at the Tomo Neko Productions event I had a very special outfit sponsored by galaxxxy!!!

Visit the galaxxxy Website here:

The shirt is a very special Creamy Mami X galaxxxy collaboration shirt!!!

Yusa Ishizuka of galaxxxyrocks made the skirt and put the outfit together for me!!!

Photo by Lisa Woo!!!

Pampuru Pimpuru Pam Popum, Pimpuru Pampuru Pam Popum!

I’m a galaxxxy Girl! Modeling,marketing,& living galaxxxy!


Hi everyone! I have EXCITING news! I’m a galaxxxy girl! I will be modeling, marketing, and living galaxxxy. What you are seeing in this blog are behind the scene exclusive photo’s taken on the galaxxxy set. I had multiple photo shoots, interviewed, filmed… I can’t wait for you all to see the video and photo’s from this awesome super kawaii galaxxxy day!!! If you are wondering what galaxxxy is CLICK HERE:



Super galaxxxy Girl! galaxxxy Pop Up Shop in LA! galaxxxy Rocks!

Super galaxxxy Girl! I recently visited the galaxxxy pop shop over at Japan LA! galaxxxy was there to video tape my visit but in super kawaii galaxxxy style! galaxxxy is a brand from Japan that has collaborated with Neon Genesis Evangelion, Panty and Stocking, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Nameneko, etc. And now they have an EXCLUSIVE pop shop at Japan LA until December 2nd! If you have not gone yet, you should soon before everything is gone! If you can’t make it out to LA anytime soon then you are in luck! They have just opened an online store. Check out the galaxxxy pop up shop video below! You will see me in the video as well! ;p Stay tuned because I think you will be seeing more of me in super kawaii galaxxxy clothes…

galaxxxy pop up shop in LA:

Here is my friend Mel and I in another blog on galaxxxy:

galaxxxy website:

Of course I couldn’t walk away without purchasing some galaxxxy goodness! And look at the cute bag you get as well!

I was lucky enough to visit the galaxxxy store in Shibuya this past August! Here is a picture of me in front of there store:

And me wearing my Nameneko X galaxxxy shirt for one of my gigs:

New Unreleased Photo!

This one did not make it onto… But it is here for you on my blog! Polo and Asuka titled this photo “Vidal Sassoon”. I will be posting more pictures from the shoot with Yoji Abe!


Durarara!! Promo Video Out Now!

This is an OFFICIAL Aniplex USA X TinierMe Durarara!! Promo produced by in association with
BUY DURARARA from Aniplex USA! I have my DVD copy! Where’s yours?