I’m a Guest Camp Counselor for Camp Care Bears!

I’m honored to announce that I’m a Guest Camp Counselor for Camp Care Bears and my Care Out Loud Remix from Care Bears Unlock the Magic series is up on Care Bears IGTV now!‬ Watch it here:


I have merch!!! Kawaii Goods X Stephanie Yanez Collab!!!

I have merch!!!

Super excited to announce that I have official merch with my very cute friend Kawaii Goods!!!

Stephanie Yanez x Kawaii Goods collaboration with made to order Tees and hats!

Link to merch here:

Stephanie Yanez

Get a free baby yoda sticker and button for every order from:

Please tag us if you get some merch!😌🙏💖 We want to feature you!!!

Also check out my vlog on my YouTube channel of when I modeled with Kawaii Goods and Miss Alphabet for their collab:

My new song Always (You Are [Not] Alone) feat. Neutral Moon

My new song Always (You Are [Not] Alone) is out now!!!

It’s my first time collaborating with DJ/Videogame Music Composer Neutral Moon by way of Mexico!

I’m so happy to finally show you the beautiful artwork for the album cover by Loona Primrose inspired by Evangelion!

She is an amazing artist!

Listen to Always -You Are Not Alone- (feat. Neutral Moon) here:

Always (You Are [Not] Alone) Music Video here:

Always (You Are [Not] Alone) is written for people who are suffering with depression, anxiety, and rough times. The song is also inspired by Evangelion which focuses on the topic of depression. Neutral Moon and I hope that our song can soothe the soul for a bit. We know it can’t be a remedy but we hope it can be of help.

Oshogatsu: A day in the life of an Anime/Jpop Artist

Happy 2020! January 1st in Little Tokyo they have Japanese New Year called Oshogatsu. I had the honor to perform not once but twice!

A very popular Anime store in Little Tokyo called Anime Jungle invited me out to perform and I really want to say thank you to Anime Jungle staff!😌🙏❤️ It was an honor to perform and to be welcomed with open arms into the Japanese community for Oshogatsu. I am very happy to have performed many times out in Little Tokyo for many Japanese festivals and events throughout the years. I really feel Little Tokyo is my home!

I am wanting to give you all a more behind the scenes look at what it takes to put on a show. I also included an Oshogatsu Music Video in the vlog. I made the track and it’s a cover of a traditional Oshogatsu folk song.

Thank you to EVERYONE that came out to support me! I saw many of you at both of my shows. I can’t express how much it means to me.

Christmas Eve (Yamashita Tatsuro/山下 達郎 Cover) – Cali Crisis at Tune In Tokyo Plastic City

Silent night, Holy night

Travel back in time to a place that only lives in your heart. One cold snowy Christmas Eve filled with music and love. Did you confess yet?

Plasmic and I performed as our group Cali Crisis for Tune In Tokyo Plastic City where we performed our cover of city pop classic Christmas Eve by Yamashita Tatsuro. One of the best Christmas songs ever made!

Plastic Love Meirlin Remix

At Tune in Tokyo presents Shibuya Holiday Market I performed with Meirlin where we debuted Plastic Love Meirlin Remix at the event. I had so much fun performing with Meirlin and I love her remix!

I am so excited to announce that the Meirlin remix is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Website update and big announcement for my upcoming show!

あ! I have big news today! I updated my website with some photos from a recent photoshoot I had with my dear friend Ludic!💖

Huge news: My next show is at OC Japan Fair on Oct. 19th, 3:30PM to 4PM! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be performing with Jpop artist Misono Koda on Friday at OC Japan Fair! Her set starts at 9:30PM.


今日はビッグニュースがありまーす!10月19日OC Japan Fairで午後3時半〜4時、ショーを行うことになりました!


Plastic Love Live at Bizen Beer Bar

I’m performing the classic city pop song Plastic Love at a Japanese beer bar called Bizen with guitarist Eric Gonzales. I love the conversations over the cold beer that intertwined with the music like a melody mixed in with the imperfections that make it perfect.

Check out my song Happily Ever After in Tokyopop’s Grimms Manga Tales Trailer

I’m so happy to announce that I have had the honor to create a song with Sotui called “Happily Ever After” for TOKYOPOP Grimms Manga Tales Trailer! I wrote the lyrics after reading the manga.

Check out Grimms Manga Tales trailer below:

Check out Grimms Manga Tales here:

Listen to Happily Ever After here:

Happily Ever After Music Video coming soon…

Album cover photo by Jenny C Cubacub

Mastering by SuYen Huang

3 shows coming up for the month of March! First show tomorrow at OC Cherry Blossom Festival!

I have three shows coming up! This weekend, next weekend, and the weekend after that! Three shows for March! 💖 TitanCon just announced that I’m performing!

First show is at OC Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday March 16th at 7:45PM.

Cali Crisis Show at AniFest! We perform on the main stage at 2PM on March 23rd!

3rd show at Titan Con at 2PM on March 31st at the outside amphitheater stage.