Live in Sendai

I had the honor of performing in Sendai at the live house Macana with Ryan Spring & friends! Here is the first video from the concert:

Modeling in Japan for galaxxxy

galaxxxy tweeted and instagrammed some shots from the photoshoot I modeled for in Shibuya! galaxxxy Twitter:
galaxxxy Instagram:

Modeling for galaxxxy & the galaxxxy 8th anniversary walk & party in Japan!

The galaxxxy 8th anniversary walk and party was so much fun!!! I loved meeting the galaxxxy shop girls Mana Watanabe & Mae Kawashizu. They were so kawaii and fun!!!! I was very happy to meet all of the galaxxxy staff. Everyone was so nice! I loved being around everyone who loves galaxxxy so much. The fans of galaxxxy who came out were so happy! After the event I modeled for galaxxxy! Mana was in charge of the photoshoot. It was so much fun! She put me in a whole bunch of super kawaii coordinates. And while I was modeling she played Sailor Moon music!!! Best photoshoot ever!!!! Thank you galaxxxy for the amazing opportunity! imageimageimageimage

Sailor Moon x Isetan Popup Shop (pictures)

Sailor Moon x Isetan popup shop aka 美少女戦士セーラームーン×ISETAN 期間限定ショップ「GIRLS SPARKLE LOVE ~ LET’S PRISM POWER MAKE UP ! ~」was only open for a limited time. A very limited time which was about 7 days only! And I just so happen to be in Japan while this special popup shop was going on.So lucky!

As you all know or should know I am a huge Sailor Moon fan and going to this popup shop was really a dream come true! I took a lot of pictures which you can see here! You can view the video soon on my Facebook:

And my Instagram:

I purchased a sailor jacket and a tote bag that I seriously love! The Sailor Moon x Isetan shop was made for the fans who grew up with Sailor Moon (Older fans with money lol). The shop was so detailed for example a cute bunny made out of grass was decorating the shop as well as the cute Luna and Artemis Paw prints that were sprinkled throughout the shop. Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures. MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP!  


Stephanie Yanez x Ryan Spring & Friends concert in Sendai! 

I had the honor of performing in Sendai at the live house Macana with Ryan Spring & friends! Thank you to the band Sophie Webster, Dave America Tang, Christopher Aiezza, & Sou-san. The venue Macana was amazing! I was so happy to meet some of my fans that support me from Japan! THANK YOU TO ALL THAT CAME OUT TO THE SHOW! IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! Video from the concert will be up on my YouTube soon!


I was a Rilakkuma Girl at MARUQ!

This past Holiday season I was a Rilakkuma girl at MARUQ in San Francisco! I love promoting Rilakkuma! Rilakkuma is the best!!!




I am on NHK WORLD “We Love Japanese Songs! 2015″!!!

I am very happy to announce that you can see my cover of Anata by Akiko Kosaka on “We love Japanese Songs! 2015″, on NHK WORLD! Here are the show times for TODAY: 8:10AM PST, 2:10PM PST! You can watch the full clip on the link below! I want to thank Ryan Spring for creating this cover and video with me! I have only met Ryan over the internet but I am happy to announce that we will have a show in Japan this year! So I will be meeting him soon! Thank you to all that voted and for your support! We are starting the new year off right!!!!


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