My new song Always (You Are [Not] Alone) feat. Neutral Moon

My new song Always (You Are [Not] Alone) is out now!!!

It’s my first time collaborating with DJ/Videogame Music Composer Neutral Moon by way of Mexico!

I’m so happy to finally show you the beautiful artwork for the album cover by Loona Primrose inspired by Evangelion!

She is an amazing artist!

Listen to Always -You Are Not Alone- (feat. Neutral Moon) here:

Always (You Are [Not] Alone) Music Video here:

Always (You Are [Not] Alone) is written for people who are suffering with depression, anxiety, and rough times. The song is also inspired by Evangelion which focuses on the topic of depression. Neutral Moon and I hope that our song can soothe the soul for a bit. We know it can’t be a remedy but we hope it can be of help.


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